Well, Anton and Ryan and the Photo Palace Bus are now really close to hitting the road... Rough schedule 10th of june~!

Not much to show, as Anton and Ryan focused on finishing the stuff, but they currently have the bus serviced professionally before departure for a safe and sound drive. In addition, they are working on graphics to cover the outside of the bus, and all the little things that need finishing.

Anton also now put up a call for suggestions and invitations of places and people to visit. If you are an US APUG member, now is the time to contact them if you have any great idea and like to join up with them!

As Anton wrote on the blog:

"I look forward to the open road and being guided by intuition and light. The Photo Palace Bus is, of course, still open to invitations for specific and non-specific events. If You have an urge to see TPPB in your neck of the woods - contact us and it will be arranged. While thinking of this, please consider that it would be ultra-nice if The Bus arrived to a reserved parking spot we can count on(Gilli is 35ft long and she requires ample room for turning around). Otherwise we can visit You for ANY reason - hold a portrait session in Your town, do a small art show of hand-made prints (vintage and contemporary), give a demo to a local middle or high school or to a few more advanced photographer who, perhaps, have never had a chance to work in the darkroom, but have always wanted to.... Possibilities are endless! I we would also stop by if you just want to say hi and show us your favorite place to eat (nothing like tasting the flavors of local cuisine, I'm personally looking forward to some good soul food when in The Gulf area)."

Presentation counter with silver gelatine print covered doors (protected by epoxy):