The OP was about learning photography with film or digital, not working at weddings. This thread risks becoming another "digital vs film" thread if we abandon the original question (a horse already inhumanely punished by the way ).

"Chimping" is bad when it is performed as a matter of fact, in ordinary situations, and in substitution of understanding certain aspects of photographic technique.

Beyond that, it's as good as any tool, for there's no tool on earth which doesn't serve a purpose.

Photographers who chimp "instead of" visualise the results apply a bad technique and this will certainly worsen the general quality of their production, coeteris paribus.

Photographers who chimp as a technical necessity for a good work do the right thing. Studio works requires spending maybe days in the chase of one image, that can obviously involve chimping, or great use of Polaroids, lots of bracketing, different films and voodoo rituals