Hi Joe,
I just made myself 2 8x10 bellows(one as a backup as it's easy to screw up). I found a glue called fabritac made by beacon adesives worked for attaching the stiffeners(i found I couldn't use contact adhesive inside as we have gas appliances) and the fabritac has less fumes. To glue the outer cloth to the inner I used contact cement I think it's called weldwood. I also used it to glue some of the stiffeners for the other bellows but this time I was working outside and it was applied with a small foam brush. I would use this method again ,you just have to work outsidebecasue of the fumes.

As for the fabric I used drapery blackout material which is used to line curtains to darken rooms it's reasonably cheap $5.47 a yard and comes in 54" width( I got two 8x10 bellows out of two yards) for the lining I used cheap cotton cloth $1.87a yard from walmart(same place I got the glue). You might want to give the blackout fabric a try as it's cheap(you can but it online at hancocks fabrics). It's only downside is it comes in white or ecru,but you can spary it black with acrylic paint.
I have attached(i think) a picture of the bellows.