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What's a "Leica copy?" APUG sells cameras, or do you mean from the classifieds? I couldn't find anything on Barracks, is that a camera?
He means a Zorki or a FED.and yes he means the classifieds - APUG does not sell.
These cameras can be a great choice if you research AND download a manual.However, the XA[and other japanese tourist cameras] have more `point and shootability'or are a bit more user friendly to start with.
The FED 2 is an excellent choice as is the zorki 4/4k,though the Zorki 6 is perhaps the lessor known but better camera.Lens are very good- jupiter 12 35mm/jupiter 8 50mm/industar 61 LD.
As with any old camera there are pros and cons with state of operation.You could be lucky as i was and get all perfectly working examples or you could be unlucky and get a paperweight.So anything you buy should have a CLA.Even this is no guarantee.