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If you are not certain of your ability to properly care for it, I would make an appointment with the conservators of a major museum and A: verify that it is in fact a Hillotype, and if it is genuine, donate it for a fat tax write-off, or B: contact Sothebys and/or Christies auction houses and see about putting it in a sale. They're very rare beasts so I think valuation would be hard to determine but it would definitely be valuable.
Thanks for your response - it's n by Levi Hill; it's by someone who succeeded at reproducing Hill's work around 30 years ago. And while it's pretty effectively stored today, it's not a longterm solution. I have no true guess re: its worth, but the Sothebys
approach is interesting...If I decided to donate it, any thoughts of an appropriate museum home? FYI the Smithsonian already holds its sister image so they are not interested - havent inquired anywhere else.