I was just kinda bummed that besides just a few small dents, this camera had probably lived its life in that half case it came in. Perfect leather, good alignment, smooth wind on.

Well I shot a roll of Tmax 100 through it to test if it would rip the roll, it didn't but I did find a piece of broken film when I opened the door ripped from leader. I think It could have easily ripped it off the spool had I pulled harder or used reloads with light tape. The last shot actually overlapped and double exposed, probably because the regular strength pull was strong enough to disengage the film from the sprocketed roller, which is not good! (on the upside it exposed it fairly well, I think maybe a bit over, slower speeds? didn't sound like it though)

I weighed the options, and I don't think it was worthwhile for me to have to worry about this every time I picked up this camera, or worry about stray bits of film being dislodged within the camera, and constantly losing the last frame.

I would try to open it up, but I don't want to get into that can of worms, as the top plate is tricky with the pc flash sync port on the side, the cold shoe auto parallax pin, and having to remove the pop up wind on with that damn small button on the side. Easier to get off that put back.

Thanks for the advice guys.