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Have you thought of doing it in wood veneer and selling it for $3,195.42?


I would be really careful about painting with parts attached, I have a Canon VT that someone had tried painting with black enamel paint to cover brassing and scratches. It is everywhere, in spots where no paint should run to, it chips off badly as well, I had chips falling out when I attached and removed a finder from the cold shoe, and a general uneven coat to it.

Removal of the body panels and repainting would be best option.

The only body I had to repaint was an Olympus RC that I had fixed (stuck aperture ring). Areas had chipped and scratched and had rust. I sanded out all rust and I masked lots of areas off with tape and used automotive spray enamel to get a nice black. It didnt keep well. I had to redo it with a modeler's enamel with a small brush, which finally worked well.