Dear World,

I'm relatively new to the world of Wet Plate Collodion, however I have been shooting almost daily for the last couple of months.

As I have never had to do it before, my question is;

- How exactly do you maintain the gravity of your silver nitrate bath?

I started with a 400ml 9% bath (36grams of silver in 400ml of distilled water), which had a specific gravity of 76

I now I have 370ml bath at a specific gravity of 62

I'm really noticing the loss of good contrast and true blacks in my images, so I would like to fix this as soon as possible.

Side notes:
- I have been sporadically filtering my bath threw proper laboratory filter paper
- I am familiar with 'sunning' the silver bath, but I am yet to do so.

Any info anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you kindly,