Matt, you will need to get your silver levels back up by adding in silver nitrate crystals to get the same specific gravity you had initially. Thats only half the story though. While it should work, just be aware that during the sensitizing process, your halides will enter into the silver bath during the molecular exchange of silver onto the plate. These iodide compounds will fall into the silver bath and over time will add up to the point where they impact your SG readings making you think that you have enough silver content in your bath when in all actuality, you do not. Normally sunning and filtering takes care of most issues, and replenishing with silver to get the bath back to normal. At some point, these iodides can increase to a point where you have an over iodized bath. This will require a neutralizing step by adding ammonium hydroxide to bring ph down to 7. Then, after a lot of sunning, most of this will precipitate out to the bottom (more so than with regular sunning). Then filter as normal. What many people do after this step is to heat the silver nitrate and reduce the liquid volume down till its almost gone, then rehydrate with fresh distilled water. This will remove the alcohol smell in the silver bath, and help developer pours etc like its a new silver bath. After re-hydrating, add silver nitrate crystals to get back to normal SG. Then add nitric acid to get the ph back to around 4. Your bath will then be like its brand new. Doing these additional maintenance steps means your silver bath will last indefinitely with careful scheduling. I myself keep 3 x 1 liter baths in a rotation. Where one is the working bath, one is the backup, and one is having some type of maintenance... I would als join the forum ran by Quinn Jacobson, there is a ton of data on there that might be of use.