I would have a hard time solarizing my work if film went.... but we had that new Hasselblad camera with 80 megabites here the other day for a job, and it looked pretty fine... start saving my pennies now for that one.

Many creative artists have proven that commercial film or paper for that matter is not needed to make world class images and prints.
I too have seen Sandy's work and others where commercial film or paper is not needed, in fact its an area beyond my personal solarized work that is of keen interest.

I just happen to love FP4 film and Ilford Warmtone silver paper and will continue to use it till no longer available. But I certainly would love that new Hasselblad, anyone who really loves photography should have the same feelings. IMO there is a level playing field these days for both digital and film equipment and basically its the person who uses the tools well are those whose work is worth looking at.