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Can anyone recommend a book or web site that is a good general introduction to the equipment needed both for shooting (I want to go the field camera route - maybe a crown graphic) and also want to process my own BW film. In particular what would be the recommended equipment for processing the film. I'd like to go a route that would hopefully let me get away with a dark changing bag and avoid the need for a dark room.
Large Format Photography site, dedicated to LF. Lots of articles on the front page, and some of the members have posted videos on YouTube about how to use cameras and develop film. For books, I learned LF from Adams's The Camera, and developing and printing from [i]The Negative[i] and The Print.

You'll need a BIG changing bag if you want to do LF without a darkroom. There are the Harison tents, and there's the Changing Room bag. Both of those would allow you to load a tank with film. But it is cramped using the Changing Room bag.

Also, take a look at the bathroom darkroom thread. Lots of ideas in there.