I was looking for Jon Goodman's light sealing material the other day and found that he has nothing in store on ebay ('interslice'). So I sent him an ebay message asking to buy some more of the stuff I once ordered from him. The following reply came in:

Hello Sander,
Thank you very much for the message. Three years ago I was forced to start selling only pre-cut kits. Another seller on eBay was buying the general kits, cutting them into pre-cut kits and selling the instructions I'd written with my name removed. When I refused to sell him any more kits, I learned he had assembled a network of shill buyers to get the kits for him. Sadly eBay was of limited to no help as they've now geared the predominant part of their protection efforts away from sellers and toward buyers. So, no eBay protection means they no longer get the considerable monthly income I was giving them. Sorry for the bad news, but for the future I'll only be selling pre-cut kits. If you'd like to discuss those, please contact me directly at jgood21967(at)aol(dot)com
Hope all is well with you.
Best regards,

Ebay sucks! (And yet I continue using the system- for some items and if you're a buyer then all of a sudden it sucks a whole lot less. Sort of sad, perhaps of me as well.)

Jon has offered to send some of the 2-mm strips that I've run out of, but he no longer sells the general kits (those not for one particular type of camera), only the pre-cut camera-dedicated kits.

Just thought that others may like to know what happened to Jon's ebay business and where to contact him now.

Sorry if this has been reported before.