I started to print some cyanotypes last weekend. It was a little frustrating at first (the weather kept changing for starters) but I actually got a couple I was pleased with in the end. I am completely new to alternative processes.

I was printing digital negs on some old Pictorico film that I have had in storage for years and some Canson paper. The Canson paper was a disaster and the images just washed right off. I then tried some Langton watercolour paper and had better luck:

Scan-120610-0001 small.jpg

It seems that the paper and digital film is pretty expensive. Is it worth buying cheaper alternatives to practise with? There are a few cheaper digital acetate type films out there and lots of cheaper papers than the ones I have been using. I think the Fotospeed film that is available in the UK is pretty expensive and I haven't seen Pictorico film anywhere at all.

I suspect that cheap paper will turn out to be a false economy (if it works at all), but I am not so sure about the digital film. Any advice appreciated.

I also want to try Vandykes and other processes at some point as well. I think I am hooked.