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...As for the fabric I used drapery blackout material which is used to line curtains to darken rooms ...
Hi Andy,

Thanks for the suggestions.

I actually have about 10 yards of the ecru blackout fabric on hand which I'm using to construct a darktent in order to do wet plate collodion in the field. I chose not to use it for the bellows because of its color and also its thickness. Both of the materials I have for the bellows are fairly thin and flexible and I suspect their combined thickness is actually less than a single layer of the blackout material. They are much more expensive and harder to find though. Thinner materials should make for a more compressible bellows and easier folding I think. I guess I'll find out soon.

I'm also going for a dark look with the camera and bellows (black walnut, brass hardware and black bellows). I think the white or ecru bellows would look neat on a camera with lighter wood. I also have some aluminized blackout fabric like the stuff used for changing tents and darkcloths. I think it might work ok as a bellows material, but in my head I can't quite get used to a shiny aluminum view camera...maybe someday.