I am not sure you will get better negatives and/or prints with Leica -- there is just so much more than equipment that determines the final result. For me it is everything that happens AFTER the exposure is made that accounts for at least as much as the equipment. The real artistry and magic happens in the darkroom -- that is where the image is given emotion. Think choices regarding things like paper, print developer, toner, etc.

I can get a photograph I am proud of just as "easily" with my Nikkormat FT3 + Nikkor 50/2.0 AI as I can w/ my MP + 50/SUM 2.0 ASPH. It is hard if not impossible for me to justify owning Leica equipment in terms of photographic results. That being said, I can't bring myself to sell the MP and lens, it is just a GREAT and iconic user experience -- and that is worth something. Each of us must decide what that exact amount is...

...Now if you want a camera with a great user experience and can make a disproportionaltely large contribution to the end photographic product have a look at a Rolleiflex TLR!!!! (I have always been partial to Zeiss lenses)

Good luck!