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Let me add, dust showing up in the sky of a negative is posibly dust that is attracted to the film from inside the camera when you pull the dark slide. Keep the bellows clean (vacume regularly) and wipe down the holder with an antistatic cloth before inserting in the back of the camera. Wipe the darkslide before putting it back in the holder. Pull it out and reinsert slowly.
For 8x10 I use the wooden holders made by Folmer-Graflex. The light traps can be disassembled to clean out the dust which lurks there. If the holders get very dirty, the light trap is usually (with newer holders) the one area you cannot access for cleaning.

When I load, I clean the holders and work area, then hold the holders over my head with the side I'm loading down, so any dust in the air is falling away. When not being used, the holders live in ziplocs.
I also vacuum the inside of the camera regularly.