New member here ! Greetings from Colorado.

I'm looking to get back into shooting film for various reasons which I won't get into now.
I'd like your varied opinions on what features you consider essential on a manual focus slr so I can make an informed decision on a camera purchase.
Such as...
DOF preview
In-camera spot meter
Exposure compensation
Auto bracketing
AE Lock
Bright viewfinder
Horizontal cloth vs Vertical metal shutter
Viewfinder info (shutter speed, aperture, etc...)
...and anything else you can think of.

I have no inventory of lenses at the moment, so I'm open to all suggestions.
I'd like something prior to the button/lcd display era and bayonet mount only (might venture into the m42 arena a bit later)
I'm considering the following...
Pentax LX
Contax RTS or RTS II / Yashica FR or FR I
Minolta series = XE, XD
LeicaFlex SL / SL2 or perhaps the R3
Olympus OM-4 / OM-4ti

Something durable and can take some abuse. Preferably brass top and bottom plates (or ti)
I'm studying composition and exposure techniques now (rule of thirds, zone system, etc...)
I've seen plenty of amazing photographs from something as simple as a pinhole camera, so none of these things are really essential.
Perhaps beneficial is a better word.
I know it's all about the person behind the camera and the lens, much more than the body itself.

I enjoy shooting landscapes, architecture, portraits, street photography. Don't see me needing a 5fps motor drive for anything though.
I see myself jumping into medium format as well. Seems the Pentax 67 is cheap these days (it's good enough for Nick Brandt)

Thanks for any advice you can offer