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Nice to have another film shooter! but why did you jump to an F5? Yes it offers many features, but it does not benefit a beginner to use such a camera imho, and the price point is also very high still. The N90s on the other hand is a very good choice for someone starting out, it offers pretty much all the pro features minus continuous speed and build robustness and a few other non-critical doodads. I would suggest grabbing the manual for your cameras either in print or online.
I went with the f5 as I find many of it features similar to my d90. For example aperture priority and manual mode are very similar on both. I know my way around the Nikons and so far the f5 and n90s seem very similar to the digitals.

To the guy above one dial controls shutter speed and the other controls aperture. (just like the d90).

I also like the way the f5 feels in my hand . If I could go back I could go back I might try an f100. (at $250 excellent condition the f5 was hard to pass up.