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I did another check, just to be sure, and according to the info at Freestyle (http://www.freestylephoto.biz/tl_tec...t.php?id=8&p=2) there is no need for a "grade 2" filter when aiming for grade 2 contrast - even with a Meopta enlarger.

I wonder if this is a possible reason for his difficulties?
Jst had a look at your freestyle page, doesn't make sense to me, every other list, including Ilford themselves, give colour head settings for G2, in fact every list this side of the world gives 2 settings, one for simple setting, where the grade speeds are not the same, and one where the speeds are matched for grades 0=4, I am looking at one such now from a box of paper, and there is a setting for G2, so it must be needed.