I am getting cost PLUS beer money.

He bought a box of paper and kicked in for chemistry as well.

There are about a dozen negatives and there will be two prints of each. Work up the first then just burn a second one when it's right.

I'm doing test strips as usual but I'm doing work prints on 1/4 sheets and I don't burn full sheets until I get things looking right. I'll have more than half the box of paper left over when I get the rest done.

In the end, I won't be making a huge amount of money but I'm not operating in the red, either. Besides, I'll be able to use the leftovers for myself.

Money aside, I'm still benefiting from the project. I have done a couple of my own photos in the process and I have noticed the difference in my own work as the result.

Previously, when I made my own pictures, it took longer and I had to make more tries to get a good result. Printing somebody else's pictures is teaching me to look at an image and boil it down do the important features then to print for those features. Before, when I didn't have anybody looking over my shoulder, so to speak, I had to make a couple of different prints before I decided on the way I wanted the image to look.

Simply put, printing for somebody else teaches me to be tougher on myself and streamlines my work/thought process.

I certainly wouldn't want to try to make a business out of this but, if I can come up with a reasonable price structure that covers my costs and pays me for my time, I would consider doing it again.