I was a Nikon SLR user for a long time and bought my first Leica, an M6TTL in 2003. I didn't use the Nikon equipment after that and sold it a couple years ago without regret.

I then bought two M7s and kept those three for about four years or so. I gradually sold them off and replaced them with a 0.85 mag MP, an MP3 and last year an M2-R. The reason I changed over from the M7s to mechanical bodies was that I found myself getting lazy with the AE on the M7s. I think you really only need an M7 if you want the very accurate stepless exposures that camera provides; shooting slides for example.

I like my MPs in particular for their simplicity, the camera just doesn't get in the way at all. I use them regularly and I'm not afraid of getting them scratched or whatever. I think you will enjoy using it. Below is a pic of my 0.85x MP with a 75mm, a great combo!