Recall that the large piece of thin cork with the adhesive back was purchased at Michael's for about two dollars. Cut to size, installed as Doug suggested on the sides of the front lens "plate". Needed to "work" the side standard a bit so that the edges of the standard fit over the edge of the cork...obviously the sides of the plate and standard must be next to each other with the cork between. I found that only the top half of each lens plate needed the cork. Then- perfect! The front plate has the additional friction that keeps the plate completely stable when tilting ( no real need to loosen the knobs very much Daniel ), and moreover there is no longer any sagging of the front plate to one side. Manual front rise needs a bit more effort ( would probably need a lot more effort if the bottom halves of each side of the plate had cork ) but the plate stays in place, and tightens down perfectly. Vernier rise and fall-no problem at all. Problem solved, and the difference in the use of the camera today was obvious. Set up in under a minute, etc., etc. What a pleasure not to have to worry about stability with heavier lenses mounted on the camera.