I have been agonizing over getting back into film. Back and forth and back and forth....over and over and over. I want so much to buy a GF670 medium format film camera. I know I can buy in cheaper but I dont want to do that. I certainly dont want to buy a 35mm camera. I want to get a new medium format camera and the GF670 is it.

Yet all I read about is how the processing part of the film industry is collapsing. My research on where to get film developed in Shanghai China (where I live) is nothing but an exercise in futility. A city of 27 million people has virtually no film developers except super cheapo mom & pops that dont give a damn if your negatives survive the process. Maybe 1 or 2 pro labs, maybe.

I have very little interest in scanning. I want glorious, beautiful, medium format prints. Color prints. Like I used to get 15 years ago shooting 6 X 9. I have shot hundreds of rolls of film in that format and just love the prints you get from that.

My deadline to get this camera is only a few weeks away and I just cant pull the trigger. I wasted so much time on digital and now am facing a dead end.

I post this as a cry for help!