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Yeah, i've made 2 attempts to connect to some local film shooters with only marginal success. None seem to print their images which really boggles my mind. I cannot imagine shooting medium format and not printing. I used to love looking at the images I made from my medium format camera and now feel utterly stupid for surrendering that experience the past 8 years or so. You cannot even get optical prints anymore!! My goodness!
Got lemons? Make lemonade. If you can still get reasonable quality processing or are willing to do B&W, suck it up, get a scanner and sort keepers from crap with digital contacts/proofs. Negs will keep. Do magnificent prints latter.

I'm in much the same boat after my otherwise superb pro lab stopped ALL film services. Another lab still does great processing--lucky me--but not proofs. Jeesh.

Contact the site I posted. There are film shooters there who might be able to help.