The restoration has had a slight hiatus. The mirror box is now re-glued and rigid again but I'm waiting for a new reflex mirror (first/front surface) to arrive from Vacuum Coatings Ltd (Scientific Mirrors) and until that arrives I can't really begin to re-assemble the shutter or fit the new shutter curtains.

I have cleaned the shutter control mechanism, it was tight and difficult to move so needed a good soaking with WD40, then I washed it well finally making sure there was no trace left of the WD40 using methylated spirits.

The new Moroccan grain Arbitex leather (bookbinders cloth based material) arrived yesterday and I've recovered the hood, front standard and a small side panel so far. The body itself can't be re-covered until the shutter's been re-installed because there's an aluminium plate on the bottom of the camera that has to be removed.