Hi Darren.
If you have a good eye for exposure/light, the Zorki 4 from 1956 (the first year it was made) and the Jupiter lens from the same year is going to be difficult to beat. This was as close as the Russians ever came to the Leica they were copying. It was so popular the following year they increased production by three or four fold and the camera was never the same again...not that it was bad, but it was more noisy and more pedestrian-feeling with each passing year. When Ed Romney was still alive, he posted a scan/crop of a picture taken with that lens of a man jogging several hundred yards away and the detail was amazing. In addition the viewfinder is large and bright and includes an adjustable diopter which is very good if you wear glasses or contacts. The Yashica Lynx 14 is good. The Lynx 14E is one to avoid in my opinion. At least I'll say the electronics were crude and they fail frequently. Canonets are good, Konica Auto S-2 is good. Another I like quite a bit is the Minolta Hi-Matic 9. Has full range of speeds, good rangefinder/viewfinder and nice lens. If you get a Canonet, make sure whoever serviced it knows how to repair the flash carbon ring. If they look confused when you ask, don't buy. The Canolite D flash is very neat, but if the flash ring hasn't been fixed it won't work correctly and some repair shops don't know how to repair it. Whatever you choose, good luck. You probably won't go too far astray.