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I still have quite a few slides I made with my 35rf, including a few rolls of High-Speed Ektachrome used in existing light, and a lot of Kodachrome 25. The lens was quite good, no real flare problems, the shutter accurate, in all it was a very capable camera. Demanded that you know what you were doing, I doubt I could have chosen a better camera to learn on. (not that I actually 'chose" it)

edit - I used the camera with a Weston 650 (late '30s) meter my great uncle gave me. This was about 1974.
'74 for me too. I had a Master II (from a garage sale too). I took it on spring break trip a "$15" trip (packed peanut butter/jelly sandwiches) with friends. We spent one night on a trail near San Gorgonio and said "forget the snow let's go to the Grand Canyon". Last time I used that camera I took it river rafting because I didn't care if it got ruined.

I tossed it out at some point. Lost the Master II somehow... Only recently I changed my mind and started to reflect on its virtues.

The lens doesn't have flare... It's the body, when the sun is out of frame but on the interior surface near the back of the camera, it is black matte paint but highly reflective when the sun is directly on it.