I'd love to know how it works with gelatin. I could send you some of the photoformulary melinex, which on one side is basically raw polyester and the other side a subbing that should wash off. Maybe Greg would send you some of his Grafix Dura-lar, mentioned earlier??

Any idea if this treatment has a 'shelf-life'?
Chris, I have some of the melinex already. I'm going to try to do a coating run this week on the melinex and am also thinking about trying the acetate subbing I worked out last winter. What I think I could do is find a larger flat piece of PET (say big enough to yield a 120 frame size of 6 x 6 ), give it the treatment and sub and coat it with some leftover emulsion.

From what I have read in various patents, they don't mention anything about a shelf life. Once the polymer has been hydrolyzed, I don't know if it can recombine on it's own over time.