Pluto, if you don't have a previous extensive experience with rangefinders and unless you have some more SLRs to use during your apprenticeship with your new Leica, I would say don't do it, don't burn the bridges behind you.

Autofocus SLR photography is a different beast than rangefinder manual focus photography, you might find yourself completely wrong-footed. There are plenty of situations where with a RF you will be left in the dark, rangefinders can be very good but very versatile they are not.

Keep what you have, I say, and add a rangefinder system at a decent price. A Konica Hexar, a Minolta CLE, a Leica CL. Test the waters "inexpensively".

Only after a decently long practice with a rangefinder you will be able to mature a decision on whether spending an awful lot of money on a Leica MP is the right route to go.

In any case Non tutto oro quel che luce. Beware of sirens singing, it will lead you on the rocks. You might end up selling your new Leica setup at a loss, and having to rebuild an SLR setup. If you have to sell your cameras to buy a Leica, don't do it.