Now that I have a Chamonix 8x10 camera, I have for sale a complete Kodak 2D 8x10 View camera in great shape. The red bellows are intact, supple, and light tight. I've made long wet plate exposures outside with no light leaks. It comes with an epoxy repaired tripod block, and the Extension Rail, and ground glass/holder. For spares, you get a complete rear standard that has a few knobs missing, a spare ground glass holder, a complete front rail, hinge, and center plate, plus a complete spare front standard. The spare front standard was modified by the prior owner and gives you rise, fall, tilt, swing/shift that are all friction held using plastic covered knobs. There is also a leather strap and screws in the ziploc bag. This camera and spares served me well for over 2 years for wet plate. I used the modified front end with a 12" wollensak velogstigmat II and it worked fine. It was a challenge with the petzvals I used for wet plate though, so the standard front end is currently mounted. All brass is original patina and not restored. There is plenty more life left in this kit. In fact all you need is a spare bellows, and ground glass for the spares and you would have 2 working cameras.

I would like $700 plus shipping and paypal.

Here are some pictures. Lenses and Bread board Tripod are not part of this deal.

Kodak-2D-1.jpgKodak-2D-2.jpgKodak-2D-3.jpgKodak-2D-and-Platform-Tripod-2a.jpgKodak 2D and Darlot.jpg