Hi jdef!

I'm limited to enlarging onto 11x14 paper right now, that's the easel size and
the size of the Versalab washer. However, the 5x7 Elwood with the 180mm lens can
project an image to fill 20x24. Maybe in the future, but easels (the four blade kind)
and washers that size are expensive. Besides I need to hone some skills first and
may not wish to make larger prints. Well, I do have some skills as I had a commercial
lab for color prints long ago. I've zero interest in making color prints today.

Even enlarging 5x7 full frame onto 20x24 is only about a three times plus enlargement.
Onto 11x14 it's barely a 2x enlargement.

I've bought the bulk chemicals, including 50 lbs of hypo. But just small amounts of
the Pyro and Amidol to try out. So I'm mixing all the solutions. I'll try the ABC formula.

I guess you tray developed your 8x10 negatives. For the inspection development
(I've not tried it yet, but got the safelight and filter), did you use a 15 watt or 7 1/2 bulb?
Kodak recommends a 7 1/2 bulb, but I believe Mike and Paula use a 15 watt bulb.
Did you develop one sheet at a time?


Rich Lahrson
Berkeley, California