I have a DOA Graflex 3A - I bought it for nothing as a wreck, with the intention of trying my hand at a total rebuild - one of the varnished wood-bright brass sort of things. Looking for help on some points.

Some previous owner had already modified this, changing the back to be for postcard-format pack film - the spool holders are 1 - sealed in place and the other removed. That postcard format pack film holder may be a collectors item in itself. I have removed the previous owners efforts. I think I can probably build a Graflok back for 4x5 on there, it looks like it may work with an inch or so of standoff- the guys who mod Polaroids into 4x5's do this after all. If not I can probably build it flush where the pack film holder was, to shoot 3 1/4 x 5 on 4x5.

The cover leather is overall decayed and atrocious and I sanded it off. I removed all the outer brass bits for cleaning and polishing. That part seems pretty straightforward.

The bellows are very bad but I may be able to rescue the inner liner and ribs to re-cover it, if I can get the bellows out. There doesn't seem to be an easy way to do so as the bellows are attached to an inner frame thats connected to a lot of other bits. Any suggestions ?

The shutter curtains are complete and working but dry, cracked and pinholed. I will have to make a new one using the old one as a pattern I guess.

The focusing hood is in great shape but I will have to remove it to reposition the groundglass to match the focus on the back, unless I figure something else out. Unfortunately unlike other Graflexes the hood seems to be glued in place. Or is it ? How would one shim the groundglass on the 3A's ?