Hi Steve

The Ruby name isn't to do with the shutter as TP made various Ruby field camera, and Ruby enlargers as well. They did make a Ruby with a focal plane shutter that's rather like a Speed Graphic.

I've now found 7 variations of these Ruby Reflex cameras in adverts all but the early pre-WWI backed up by cameras on Ebay (there may be more) and I now think mine ws possibly made womewhere between 1921 and 1924. There's a pattern to the changes. One advert states the Ruby Relex has a new improved shutter. They were also sold under the Salex & Zodel brand names

This evening I had a good play with the shutter mechanism and it should run very smoothly now, when it came it was almost solid. I've written my name and the date of restoration on the mirror box in pencil below an original TP pencilled number.

I guess it's time to make the new shutter curtains, I've just bought two more TP roller blind shutters, and have a couple of others to restore from Europe and South America, so a it makes sense to make them all at the same . If you want a set FOC let me have the dimensions (only widths are critical).

I'd love to find a trashed Ruby Reflex camera and just have a working shutter/mirror box on display, they are remarkable technology for something desinged over a century ago.

Restoring this old reflex camera is a remarkable and interesting learning curve, if I can get some help (the wifes away abroad) I'll video how the shutter works before I re-install it.