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The question has to be what Patents do Kodak hold that competitors want to buy. First they are going to see how they can get around them, and then if they can't will weigh up whether a company in Bankruptcy (OK Chapter 9) could afford to take them to court anyway.

I'm quite sure that Kodak could either licence or sell off Patented technology but at the moment it looks like a fire sale and Patents are not tangible assets.

I don't see this situation helping film one way or the other. I think we all are clouded in our vision in that there is tremendous hope and desire to see Kodak stabilized and keep film going. Certainly an admirable hope, that is for sure. However, the reality I suspect is different. I see Kodak doing nothing more than everything it can to extract cash out of the decaying corporation as it heads towards final oblivion. Unless I am wrong, there is no plan for the future, no plan for growth, just systemic cashing out across the board, returning to share holders as much money as they can before the company is completely worthless.

I have been part of a corporate take over. My company was bought out by a competitor. Me and my colleagues all rationalized an infinite number of scenarios where we would keep out jobs. All of these situations made great sense and it was a "no brainer" that we would survive. The buying company had an awful building, ours was brand new. The buying company had no space for growth at their facilities, ours was loaded with extra space, etc. For nearly a year we lived with these rose colored glasses and then it was announced our facility was closing, with virtually everyone losing their jobs. The buying corporation never had any intention at all to move. They just bought us and shut us down. Took our customer list, and left.

Not the exact same situation as Kodak's bankruptcy, but there are some similarities regarding corporate behavior.

I just dont see any planning Kodak has for a future. Selling off their CCD division was proof positive to me that they have no intention remaining a relevant player i the digital world. Printers? Yeah, Kodak is going to survive going up against HP, Canon, and Epson. I dont think so.

Someone has to buy the film division and fast. That is the only hope for Kodak's film.