Hi Ian,

I got the impression the Shutter was a 'Ruby' shutter from the earlyphotography website:


They give the impression the early TP focal plane shutter was the 'Unit' and the later design the 'Ruby'. Doesn't mean they're right, of course. I wonder if it is like Ford cars? 'Zetec' started out as a type of engine, today it refers to the trim level, regardless of what engine you have... And how many Ford Escorts have there been, which look nothing like each other and have no interchangeable parts? I think once a manufacturer has registered some brand names and got them known, they like to recycle :-)

Anyway, if you haven't seen the site have a look. It is a good site with some close ups of shutter mechanisms.

Your wife is away abroad? Oh, luxury! No wonder you can make so much progress so quickly! Now, I am jealous. Do you think she would take mine with her?

I'll PM you about shutter cloth.