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A few weeks back, we had a couple of threads about ILFORD Cooltone Developer that is no longer manufactured. I promised that I would speak to the board of HARMAN to see if they would release the formula so it could be made available to those who make their own chemistry.

Well, I spoke to the board yesterday, and two of the board memebers are actually chemists, the Managing Director and the Chairman... and they pointed out something that I did not know. One of the constituent materials used in the manufacture of HARMAN Cooltone is a chemical that is only manufactured by HARMAN R&D itself and as such its chemical make up and manufacturing process is company IP and therefore confidential so it could not be released, I am sorry.

What they have asked me to do is to look at the 'viability' of a custom make of the product and to present to them the financials at the next board early February, dependant on costings etc they will decide whether to authorise a 'custom' make, perhaps once per annum.

So to be clear, I am not saying we are going to make again, what I am saying is that they will consider it. I will let you know how I get on.

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Ilford Galerie and Cooltone developer is (was?) a very aesthetically pleasing combination IMHO.