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Can you share your processing experiences?
Sure. 1 year ago I would take my film -- any film except 4x5 C41 -- to a lab that was 3 miles away and it would get processed/printed to my specs at a good price and at acceptable quality. Everything except 120 prints had an overnight (or sooner) turnaround. 120 prints took 48 hours.

They closed.

Now I take 35mm C41 to Costco and process cheap, quick, and at acceptable quality.

Now I mail 120 color and B&W to a lab and process at twice the prior price, at acceptable quality, but have to plan for a 4 or 5 day turnaround.

I still working an option for 4x5. 4x5 E6 could go to a lab 30 miles away (1 to 2 hour drive); 4x5 C41 could go to a lab 15 miles away (1 hour drive), and 4x5 B&W could go to a mailorder place I have no experience with.

p.s. Yes, I know I could process at home, etc, etc.