I'm 27, and started out with a small Canon point and shoot film camera at about age 10. With a fixed shutter speed and aperture, I'm amazed at the amount of acceptable pictures I got from that camera. Used a digital camera through college, and eventually became bored with it. Just in the last two years I finally got into B&W photography. I always wanted to take photography class in high school, but the prerequisite was two years of studio art and there wasn't enough time to fit it all in before graduation. After finding a Yashica FX-3 at a garage sale two years ago, I decided to make an investment and jump into B&W head-on. Did lots of reading about film development, filters, chemicals, printing, and started putting together my own darkroom. I soon after found a Rolleiflex and started with medium format, loving the smooth contrasty prints that camera gave me. Needless to say the camera collection has grown by leaps and bounds since then! Now I try to get a night in the darkroom at least once a week, and I love it. Resources like APUG (as well as making the usual beginner mistakes along the way) helped me to gain the majority of my knowledge about photography. I participate in the postcard exchange, and while I keep photography as a "serious hobby", I hope to build a portfolio sometime in the future.