Hello all,

I have been photographing b&w on films for almost a year. My father was a semi-pro doing hand-colouring on b&w prints. When he passed away several years ago I inherited all of his cameras and darkroom equipments. However it took me some time to start doing film photography just because I thought traditional photography is tedious and expensive. Yes it might be a bit costly, but I love every moment from picture taking to developing to printing. With b&w film I create the kind of pictures that I really love - which could not have been made with digital photography.

I'm still in the experiment phase, playing with Leicas, Zorki, Nikons, and old Pentax. I also love the detail and smoothness of medium format film from my Rolleiflex. For the films I mainly use Tri-X and HP5+. Developer used to be D-76 but recently moved to Ilfotec HC just because D-76 was not available at the moment. I used to try traditional darkroom print and love it, but there is not much paper choices and they are expensive, plus I often get sick by darkroom odour which is a great source of concern for my wife. Hence for now I am content with hybrid workflow using a camera scan technique which yield better result that flatbed scanning.

As for the subject matter I tend to photograph nature and portraiture. I only photograph things that I like - something that impress me positively. You can see some of my photos in my Google+ profile: https://plus.google.com/105042106999818885336