Gordon Hutchings disclosed a new pyro developer, called Simple Pyro, in the March/April edition of View Camera magazine. See the magazine for details. I haven't tried it yet, but it is certainly simple. It may be possible to mix a stock solution of TEA and pyro (and sulfite), but the diluted solution almost certainly will not keep for more than a few hours.

Simple Pyro

Sodium sulfite 500 mg
Pyrogallol 5 g
Triethanolamine 10 ml
Water to make 1 l

Adjust sulfite to control overall stain.

Use films at ISO rated speed. Develop as follows:

EFKE 25 6 min
EFKE 50 7
EFKE 100 9
HP-5 11
Tri-X 10 min at EI 250
TMY 10

EFKE films respond to +/- development. About 25 - 33
percent change in development is one grade of contrast.

Ref: Gordon Hutchings, View Camera, March/April 2012