I have also noticed a slight speed increase with Pyrocat HD. With ABC I was rating Bergger BPF 200 at 64. I believe that 100 would be a more accurate placement of the Berrger film now (using Pyrocat HD).

I use the Photo Warehouse 125 ISO film as well now. This film to all reports seems to be the equivalent of FP4+. This film responds very well to expanded development with Pyrocat HD. It is possible to gain enough contrast (in my early experience) to have a negative that requires water bath with Amidol on grade two Azo. For development times and applicable SBR the data that Clay Harmon has posted on the Unblinkingeye.com site as it applies to Pt-pd and Pyrocat Hd is fairly accurate.

Along the lines of uneven development, I spoke with Jorge and he is using brush development for his ULF film. I have taken to doing that as well. The process is slower since a single sheet is done at a time. However the development is even. I would think that ABC could also benefit from that development method as well.