24 - been shooting film on and off for 3 years. Currently using my Canon 60D as a light meter and 'sketch pad'!
Bought a Hasselblad in 2009 after being inspired by David Ward's landscape work - wanted to go LF, but settled for the happy medium.
I was enamored with transparency for a while, but only made the occasional image while at university.

It's only been since graduating last year that I've been taking photography seriously - which very much means shooting film.
Unfortunately, I'm spending far too much time thinking photography than making images at the moment.
For financial and motivational reasons, it's been tough to get out and put the hours in.

Trying to sell my little used Zeiss 250mm Sonnar (Hasselblad) in order to fund a CLA for my 80mm and back. Then I hope to get working on a project.
If anyone is in the market for the lens, please PM me.