No help for this cause from me directly - I'm 48 and got into photography at about age 10 or 11 (forget exactly) - developed my first film at 12 or 13 I think. The memory is still very vivid but the date and my age are not.

My wife is 33 and loves that I do film and emphasize craft and process, though. She's pretty connected to some of the art scene here in Atlanta having attended Oglethorpe and her best friend being an MFA and working artist. Most of her art friends are also intrigued or at least quite understanding that I prefer film, at least the three I've met.

We have a friend who's 29 who has become fascinated with film and came over this past weekend to sit in on a (unfortunately way too short) printing session. She has some kind of AF wunderplastik Canon 35mm camera, and had been at a weekend convention shooting color neg. I gave her a roll of Tri-X (well, Arista branded Tri-X) and told her to shoot it, have fun, and I'd show her how to develop and proof it and eventually print from it.

The majority of younger folks don't seem to really understand the appeal, and that's ok and frankly to be expected. What I do find encouraging is that a very sizable minority DO find it appealing, and seemingly beyond the "it's different and retro" way.