I'm 40. I've always been somewhat interested in photography and artistic in nature, but all I was given as a kid was a pocket 110 and a Polaroid One-Step, neither of which enticed me. Although I got my first digi-snapper in the early 2000s, it wasn't until I had a sort of mid-life crisis in 2008 that I decided to pursue it seriously. I nearly went back to college for it, but the local college bureaucracy was crushing and I figured I could do better by keeping my day job and using the money to buy gear and books. I did just that, my husband helped me to buy a Nikon D80, and I taught myself the basics. I thought I would never have a need to venture into film.

Before long, though, I figured I should give myself an honest college sort of education, and teach myself film and darkroom, which I did in early 2010. I haven't looked back. It was like I was internally daring myself to push further and further. First I taught myself to shoot 35mm and 120. Then came developing B&W. Then came developing color. Then came shooting large format. Then came enlarging and printing! Now I'm hearing the siren's call of alternative processes. I still shoot digital for much of my color work and for instances where I have to land the shot, but shoot film for everything else, including my own personal artistic expression. I find it so much more satisfying. I've dumped the "professional" photo magazines and the gear-based digital magazines, and now subscribe to and read Aperture, American Photo, and other magazines that stress the image instead of wanking over the latest technology.