I guess this is going to be kind of an introductory post: I'm 30, so just old enough to have caught the tail end of the old way of doing things right before everything changed. I had records when I was a kid and in my early teens, used magnetic tape for audio and video material, watched 16mm movies at school, and ran into the whole Betamax/VHS issue borrowing video tapes from friends and grew up shooting film. On the other hand, my brother and sister are just young enough that they never knew life without a multimedia computer connected to the internet as the centre of their lifestyle so between convenience for that kind of lifestyle coupled with the fact that the didn't have to shoot film back when it was the only way to take pictures, the result is they've only ever shot digital cameras.

My first camera was an Argus 110 camera that was replaced by a 35mm Konica point and shoot, followed by a Canon AE-1 Program with 50mm lens as my first camera capable of decent technical quality, so I grew up shooting film and ended up building a whole Canon FD mount infrastructure. I never changed over to digital because the technical quality was either sub-par compared to what the Canon gear produced or the cost of re-equipping for digital with similar quality digital equipment would be backbreakingly expensive and involve several artistic and technical compromises that I'd prefer not to make vs. the ongoing cost of consumables for shooting film.

That covers the capture side of things. The other half I don't like personally is that given the quality of computer screens and projectors, digital presentation is an awful way to look at pictures no matter how good your source material is.