I'm 46. Attracted to photography since early childhood. Couldn't believe I could have a camera when I got one for my birthday, should have been 1973, a Kodak Instamatic (126).
Bought my first and so far only digital camera in 2008. I use it mainly when I go abroad.
Never printed anything, not enough suitable place at home. I scan all I produce, which is all colour.
I use almost exclusively slide films since at least 20 years. Develop E-6 since a couple years, thanks to APUG.
I will soon begin developing C-41, I have some 10 films or so waiting in the fridge and a sealed kit waiting in a cupboard.
Never developed anything B&W, never used a B&W film since I was a child.
When I sell my apartment and get a suburban house I plan to install an enlarger and begin exploring: B&W, Medium format, printing (the three things are interconnected in my head, especially MF and printing).
For the moment it's all 135, colour, scanned.
Photography is a hobby to me but in the last years I begun supplying some stock agencies with satisfactory results. Stock photo work is probably what keeps my interest in this hobby constant, you have to really look in the distance.
For the curious, I still produce for stock agencies with film as much as I do with digital. I'm leaving for Vienna in a couple days, and I only bring with me my digital as I normally do when I go abroad.
I definitely prefer the quality that I get from film and I do prefer film out of mere technical reasons.