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Well, yes I think so. Each camera has a very specific purpose too. But really, the simplification came in process more than gear: I stick to 2 films for BW and 1 for color. One developer. Papers change depending on subject. But ya, that's somewhat simple I think....
I must say that I find even dabbling with multiple films inhibiting, creatively speaking. There is almost so much choice with digital and film, different formats, black & white and colour that the greatest artistic decision can be choosing something and sticking to it. Though, choice is a privilege at this point of course. Before too long we might all be shooting 35mm Ilford and counting our blessings.

I've certainly found that with some people my own age, starting out with film, there is a mentality of 'try it before it's gone'. If that means more people are shooting the larger formats and potentially keeping the stuff in demand, then great. We're all catching the tail end of a comet in a way, trying to hang on. That is to say, this is the impression I get from younger photographers with fine art sensibilites. Film being the default art media for any photography graduate.