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cameras from this round the world thing get lost in the mail all the time.

when the last camera was lost / MIA did people react like this ?
nope, they found another camera, and started camera 8 ... ( or was it 7 ? ) ...

if it was me that mailed the camera, and it got lost
and people involved called me a thief &c i wouldn't respond either ...
Ralph has been emailed, pmailed, I woulda snail mailed him had I had an address. No responses. Not one. I tracked him down through his last posts on APUG. Nothing.

This is not "I gave it to my girl friend and now it's lost." This one is squarely on Ralph.

It is his to decide how we look at him. Right now it is not pretty.

tim not in san jose (at a secret location trying to get a peaceful vacation in)