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I agree. Whilst is seems unfair, in reality it is what businesses do all the time and have done since people started trading things.
Likewise. As nice a chap as Jon is to deal with and as good a product as he sells, I think he's on a sticky wicket trying to say what buyers may or may not do with his materials once they have bought and hence own them. Shifting the previous IKEA analogy to something more photographic, when Ilford sell me paper they don't get upset if I subsequently print a picture on it and sell it on for more money (not that that often happens!)

It seems to be the scale of the business involved that makes this an emotive issue, along with perhaps a perception that apart from simply providing a product, Jon is providing a service. I'm sure he's not making a mint or cruising around in the latest Cadillac! Unfortunately, I've had to go elsewhere for my camera foam and felt as I use it quite a bit for restoration of cameras that I buy and I don't want to have to order something specific and then have to wait for it to arrive from overseas when I can otherwise just trim something from stock. I've never in any way, shape or form make money from repairing cameras, though I have done a few freebies for friends.