51 (uncomfortably close to 52!)
Dad made a few quid from B/W wedding photography at weekends and took slides of family holidays. Bought my first camera at age 10 - a Halina Paulette for 5 - and was soon developing and printing B/W. Lost the darkroom due to a house move and didn't build another until the next house, so only slides and colour prints for about ten years.
I remember seeing my first digital still camera in 1996 and being told how it gobbled batteries. Fear of being totally dependent on batteries that didn't last long at a time when my Pentax KX batteries lasted longer than most governments struck (and still strikes) fear into me. I just never found anything to excite me about digital photography and saw/see it as buying in to a constant need to replace/update equipment and software on regular basis at considerable expense.
For me, digital photography is like religion, football and yoga - I'll happily leave them to other people.